Sampurn Vishvas Nidhi Ltd.

Sampurn Vishvas Nidhi Ltd is a Public Limited Company, established in the year 2015 under Section 620-A of the Indian Companies Act (1956). The Head Office is at Ward no.-7, Infront Of Munshuf Court, Chakia, Chandauli, UP-232103.

We are a mutual benefit company where only members can transact business. The company has the approval from Govt., of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (U65991UP2015PLC074116). Activities of our company are closely monitored and controlled by the Department of Company Affairs (Govt. of India). Like all financial institutions, we comply with all necessary operating guidelines such as, Capital Adequacy, Statutory Liquidity Ratio and Asset Classification and Income Recognition. We offer attractive interest rates for all types of deposits. We can lend only against a security of gold, against our fixed deposits, LIC policies, government securities / bonds and property mortgage loans. At present working of the Company is under the direct supervision and responsibility of 6 Directors. Our Directors have strong competencies in finance and business administration, including senior chartered accountants, senior advocates, senior executives from banks and other government departments, leading businessmen and industrialists..